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Ingredients : Organic solvent.

Instructions for use: The recommended mixing ratio of Koong's Clear Color(GCC-011) and Multi Hardener(HDP-010) is 10:1.
When a scale or a measuring instrument is not available, the substances can be mixed without restriction in the range of 10:1-4.
Dry at room temperature for 6-12 hours or at 60 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

We carry the following Thinners:

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Multi-Thinner Mild Thinner


Multi-Thinner TNP-010

Ingredients : Organic solvent.

It is a common thinner used in the dilution of dual liquid urethane paint(hardener added type) and single liquid lacquer paint(lacquer).
It is also recommended as the best thinner for washing due to its excellent resin dissolvability.

Multi Thinner is the thinner used to dilute dual liquid paint, such as Koong's Black Base, as well as single liquid lacquer paint.

Mix 30-100% thinner to dual liquid or single liquid paints according to paint viscosity before use.

Dual liquid urethane paint is superior in durability and chemical resistance compared to single liquid lacquer paint.
However, hardening begins after a hardener is added, so mix only appropriate amounts right before use.

TNP-010 80ml

TNP-010 500ml

TNP-010 1000ml

Mild Thinner TNP-020

Ingredients : Organic solvent.

Mild thinner can be applied to plastic in primary colors or during surfacer or foundation work.
Mix at the ratio of 100-150% compared to the paint according to the viscosity of the single liquid paint, and then apply.

If whitening occurs, raise the dilution ratio of the thinner.
Wait 1 hour before doing the next work.
Adhesion will be greater if longer drying time is allowed.

Mild Thinner
TNP-020 500ml

Mild Thinner
TNP-020 1000ml