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We carry the following crystal color paints:

Due to the specialised nature of these paints, please scroll towards the bottom for more detailed instructions on use


Crystal Primer


Crystal(CSA-010) is a film-forming agent that forms crystal patterns with various shapes on surfaces.
It is used with Koong's Crystal Primer(CPA-010) and Mirror Chrome(MC-010).

Step 1.
Koong's Crystal is a single liquid paint. When sprayed over Koong's Crystal Primer, it forms crystal patterns.
Step 2.
Spray Koong's Crystal Primer first and dry it completely(at room temperature for 24 hours or at 60 degrees Celsius for over 1 hour).
Spray Crystal over the dried Primer, patterns will begin to form within a few minutes. It may take longer for patterns to form, but most patterns will be completed at room temperature within 15 minutes.
The thinner the spray, the finer the size of the patterns.
The thicker the spray, the larger the size of the patterns.
Step 3.
After the formation of the patterns, the spray must be dried at room temperature for over 24 hours or at 60 degrees Celsius for over 1 hour.
Step 4.
Spray Koong's Mirror Chrome over the completely dried surface with patterns. Every inch of the patterns will be transformed to form a surface with a metallic texture.
Step 5.
Finish the formed metallic patterns with Koong's Multi Clear. If you overcoat with Koong's Clear Color instead of Koong's Multi Clear, you can create patterns in various colors.


Koong's Crystal does not react with lacquer paints.
Also, if Clear is sprayed over the surface with patterns formed, the patterns will disappear.
This is by the same principle that when Clear is sprayed over a sanded surface, the sanding trace disappears.
Crystal reacts with dual liquid urethane paints, but urethane paints must be dried for over a few days before work.
Therefore, using the exclusive primer is recommended if possible.